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Requiem Exhibition Melbourne – A Part of the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival Presented in Partnership with Reportage 2013

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Those in Melbourne this Friday should definitely not miss out on the opening of Requiem an exhibition curated by iconic photographer Tim Page bought to Melbourne as a part of the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival presented in partnership with the 2013 Reportage Festival.

 Requiem is a exhibition dedicated to the 135 photographers from both sides of the war, who were declared missing or killed during the period of the Vietnam War. Tim Page iconic photographer of the Vietnam War has gathered images from these photographers and this foretells the exhibition.
Requiem will also be coming to Sydney for the 2013 Reportage Exhibition in the Vivid precinct, details TBA
The exhibition marks the beginning of a collaboration between the two Festivals Human Rights Arts & Film and Reportage, the collaboration continues in the shape of a day long seminar at the MCA, Sydney ‘Photography in Conflict‘ TBA soon, where Reportage will team up with the Human Right’s Art and Film Festival to show a special screening of ‘Saigon ‘68’ (A short film about Eddie Adam’s infamous execution image from the Vietnam war).


Requiem Opening (Human Rights Arts & Film Festival) 

Where: Yarra Gallery, Federation Square, Ground Level Yarra Building

When: 10 May 6pm-7pm (complimentary drinks)

Exhibition Dates: 10 May – 19 May , 2013

12pm–6:30pm weekdays, 1pm–7pm weekends

Floor Talk With Curator Tim Page: 19 May, 2013 4pm

More info on the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival can be found here

4 Stories Exhibition: Four Women, Four Visions, Four Stories, Four Corners…

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

The Reportage Team is proud to announce the second major outdoor installation exhibition for the 2013 Reportage Festival.

Four women, Four visions, Four stories, Four corners…

Featuring the work of Jodi Bieber, Tamara Dean, Claire Martin and Raphaela Rosella

An exhibition curated by Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario and a featured part of the 2013 Reportage Festival

 4 Stories investigates four different perspectives of four award winning female documentary photographers. The exhibition one of five major outdoor installation exhibitions a part of the 2013 Reportage Festival will be on show from Thursday May 23 to Saturday June 29, 2013 in Sydney’s Darling Quarter.

Four massive cubes measuring 2.4 meters will exhibit the work of each individual photographer, four prints for each.

The Cubes are the birth child project OPEN of  Ambush and Darling Quarter precinct and have been used only one time before in a public street art exhibition. A photography first the unique structures will be on display day and night whilst solar charged lights keep them illuminated in the evening hours.

This is the second in a series of outdoor exhibition installations to be announced for Reportage Festival in 2013 looking to become a permanent feature of the Festival.

 4 Stories is an exhibition curated by Reportage Assistant Festival Director Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario for the 2013 Reportage Festival, featuring the work of Jodi Bieber, Tamara Dean, Claire Martin and Raphaela Rosella and is proudly supported by Ambush, Darling Quarter and Canon.

More information on the photographers and their individual stories to come.


Darling Quarter 

1-25 Harbour Street



Thursday May 23 to Saturday June 29, 2013

Opening Night:

May 23, 2013

Details TBA

Image credits as follows: Jodie Bieber/ The Goodman Gallery, Tamara Dean/ Olsen Irwin Gallery, Claire Martin/ Oculi, Raphaela Rosella/ Oculi

Reportage – Sydney Morning Herald Emerging Documentary Photographer Scholarship Winner Announced

Monday, April 29th, 2013

The Winner of the ReportageSydney Morning Herald Emerging Photographer Scholarship has been announced. Congratulations to Matthew Abbott, the recipient of the award for his work in Arnhem Land. Matthew will be attending Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb’s ‘Finding Your Vision’ workshop starting May 18, 2013. There was a tremendous amount of great work sent in for the award and made it a difficult choice for the judges at The Sydney Morning Herald and Reportage Festival Stephen Dupont. Two runner ups were announced accordingly:

Raphaela Rosella for her work on the story of four young mothers and Richard Payne for his work on immigrant integration in Sydney’s neighbourhood of Auburn, more images to come soon from the winner and runners up. Other opportunities for emerging photographers are yet to be announced in regards to the 2013 Reportage Festival so stay tuned. Thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald for helping Reportage realise this award and thanks to everyone who entered.

The Reportage Team

               © Matthew Abbott, ‘Daily life at Galiwinku Elcho Island’ from his work in Arnhem Land

Festival Director Stephen Dupont and Reportage Festival Featured in Sydney Magazine

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Festival Director Stephen Dupont and Reportage Festival have been featured in today’s Sydney Magazine. The article marks Reportage Festival as pick of the month of May for Sydney events. Festival Director Stephen Dupont who has taken over Festival direction from 2012 was one of the original founders of the Festival in 1999, together with David Dare Parker, Jack Picone and Michael Amendolia

A Retrospective Journey with David Burnett

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

David Burnett (USA) is a photojournalist and co-founder of Contact Press Images, with over four decades of experience covering the news, history and the people in over 70 countries. Listed by American Photo as one of the 100 most important people in photography, Burnett has spent the last three decades travelling extensively, working for most of the major magazines in the United States and Europe, documenting war, sport, politics, the famous, infamous and unfamous.

In this Australian exclusive talk, David Burnett will talk about the highlights, challenges and changes in the world of photojournalism and documentary photography in relation to his own experiences; inviting open discussion on topics from the press and publishing and the management of photo agencies.


2pm – 6pm, Sunday 2 June 2013
Vivid Ideas Exchange, MCA Sydney

Tickets: $45

Book tickets here 

Women Documenting: The Experiences of Emerging and Accomplished Female Documentary Photographers

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience to hear about the experiences of some of Australia’s and the world’s most prominent and emerging     female documentary photographers.                                                                                                                                                                                                        .

Speakers include, Tamara Dean/Olsen Irwin Gallery, Lee Grant/OculiRaphaela Rosella/Oculi and award winning American photographer Paula Bronstein represented by Reportage by Getty Images… Discussions will cover the history of female photographers in the field and highlight some of the incredible work being done in the world by women today.

Tickets are $35
MCA for Reportage at Vivid Ideas
June 2, 2013
9.00am – 1.00pm
To book

© Tamara Dean/ Olsen Irwin Gallery from her new series ‘The Edge’

James Nachtwey and Stephen Dupont Workshop for Reportage 2013

Friday, April 19th, 2013

The Reportage Team is excited to announce the last of the Reportage workshops that will be available during the 2013 Festival.

Firstly we are happy to release confirmation of  a special opportunity to attend an intensive documentary photography and photojournalism workshop conducted by two of the world’s most renowned & celebrated photographers.

In an Australian first and exclusively for Reportage, James Nachtwey and Festival Director Stephen Dupont will be holding a five day workshop together  from June 10 – 14, 2013 as an official part of the 2013 Reportage Festival program

This is a rare opportunity for photographers to benefit from the wealth of experience that Nachtwey and Dupont have to offer.

One of Australia’s emerging giants of photography is Ed Giles, based in Cairo covering the unfolding Middle East Crisis for the last couple of years, Ed is flying back to work alongside Nachtwey and Dupont. Ed will offer the students his creative insights into multi media development and editing throughout the week.

The workshop schedule will be demanding but highly rewarding.

For further information and to enrol contact


© James Nachtwey

The workshop will run from June 10 – 14 at  10 x 8 Gallery in Surry Hills.

The last workshop to be announced will be a two day artist book making course to be held in conjunction with Momento Pro, details and enrolment coming soon.

Giovanni Cocco

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Continuing to highlight the participating photographers in the 2013 Reportage Festival Projections, the Reportage Team would like to introduce Giovanni Cocco who will be showing his work ‘Monia’ at this year’s Festival.

Monia is Giovanni’s sister and she has been disabled since birth, she lives with their parents in a small town in Abruzzo in Italy where they take constant care of her. ‘My family lives in habits, simple gestures and long moments without words or actions. A world away from everything else, solitary, confined, but not empty, where time is made up of moments,a present that does not need to project into the future.’

‘Photographing Monia is an act of knowledge and research. It is a way to understand her, wondering what she thinks and what she wants. Telling her story and her life is the first step for one to enter the life of the other, with both the joy and the difficulty of the encounter.’

Giovanni Cocco is an Italian photographer based in Rome, Italy.

His ongoing work on ‘Monia’ won second prize for the Emerging Photographer Grant from Burn Magazine and Magnum.

 © Giovanni Cocco

“She stands still, holding her breath. She keeps searching with her eyes,anxious at what she might miss. I move closer. Maybe I’ll understand what she is looking at. I’ve been doing this since we were kids. I stare at my sister while she stands still, holding time still. I keep looking – there is an undercurrent, a tidal force drawing her nearer every thing she sees. She touches them uncertain, as if it were always a first time. Hesitating, marveling. Might she think that aiming is better than reaching? That touching is not the same as the desire to touch? That some are best left alone? Maybe this is why she loves light, and water, and shadows. She keeps reaching out to them. Everything that might escape – she wants to touch that. I keep looking – she is there, yet gone. And she carried me away with her.”

‘This work is a work in progress; it started five years ago, in silence. The photographs came first, before any other project, and before the story, which they belong to. They are the result of an experience and the desire to tell it.’


David Burnett ‘The Presidents: From JFK to Obama’

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

The Reportage Team is proud to announce another of the featured exhibition at the 2013 Festival, The Australian Centre for Photography exclusively for the 2013 Reportage Festival  will be hosting an exhibition of David Burnett’s work on the American Presidents from June 1 to August 18, 2013.

David Burnett (USA) is a photojournalist and co-founder of Contact Press Images, with over four decades of experience covering the news, history and people in over 70 countries. Burnett has been listed by American Photo as one of the 100 most important people in photography.

Burnett is one of the few photographers to have photographed every US president since John F. Kennedy. ‘The Presidents: From JFK to Obama’ exhibits Burnett’s intimate and rare photographs, which capture both the professional and personal moments shared by America’s presidents over the decades.

© David Burnett/Contact Press Images Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Regan with their interpreters at the Geneva

                                            Summit. Switzerland, November, 1985. 1985


Australian Centre for Photography

1 June – 18 August

NOOR presents an evening with Francesco Zizola

Sunday, April 14th, 2013

Renowned photojournalist and co-founder of NOOR Agency and 10B Photography, Francesco Zizola (Italy) has photographed some of the world’s major conflicts and hidden crises and is considered to be one of Italy’s finest photographers.

In 2007, he opened 10b Photography, a Rome-based multipurpose centre for professional photography, featuring a gallery and a digital laboratory that has grown to become the world’s most prominent ‘digital darkroom’.

NOOR – an Arabic word meaning light – seeks to contribute to a growing understanding of the world by producing independent visual reports that stimulate positive social change and impact views on issues of global concern.

It is an abiding commitment to the fundamental power of photography to bear witness to the struggle for human rights and social justice that form the principles of NOOR.

In this discussion Francesco will share his experiences as a documentary photographer and his achievements founding two internationally renowned institutions.

9pm – 10pm, Wednesday 29 May 2013
Vivid Ideas Exchange, MCA Sydney

Tickets: $15

Book tickets here