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Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb ‘Violet Isle: Two Visions of Cuba’

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

The Reportage Team is happy to announce that Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb will be opening an inaugural exhibition of their work from Cuba in Australia. The exhibition, a selection of images from their book ‘Violet Isle’ will be on show for the first time in Australia as a part of the 2013 Reportage Festival at 10×8 Gallery, also the venue for the upcoming ‘Finding Your Vision’ workshop presented by Reportage.


                           ©Alex Webb, “Sancti Spiritus, Cuba, 1993” from Violet Isle (with Rebecca Norris Webb)


‘This book began as two separate projects: Alex’s exploration of the streets of Cuba and Rebecca’s surprising discovery of unique and sometimes mysterious animals. As we photographed in Cuba, we began to realize that our work sprang from the feel of a nation in a kind of bubble—an economic, political, cultural, and ecological bubble. For, thanks to the vagaries of history and politics, Cuba has now existed for some fifty years outside the world of globalization. So, in the spirit of a duet—with its point-counterpoint—we decided to weave our images together to create a multi-layered portrait of this ‘Violet Isle,’ a little-known name for Cuba. This island is a bubble whose people and animals seem caught out of time, a place that’s engaging yet unsettling, a place that’s vibrant yet vulnerable, a place that—for better or worse—probably won’t exist as it is much longer.’

– Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb


Where: 10×8 Gallery

When: May 15 to June 1, 2013

Opening Night: TBA

10×8 Gallery Opening Launch – Saturday April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Those who haven’t heard about it, there is a new gallery opening up in Surry Hills Sydney this April,  10×8 Gallery opens its doors to the public April 11, 2013 for its inaugural exhibition consisting of nine of Australia’s finest and emerging photographers…

The group show features work from… William Yang, Andrew Quilty, James Brickwood, Marco Bok, Donna Bailey, Alexia Sinclair, Rennie Ellis, Cuba’s Raul Cañibano Ercilla and Reportage Festival Director Stephen Dupont.

10×8 is a new Sydney based gallery specialising in multimedia art and contemporary photography and is dedicated to raising the profile of the genre.

The gallery will also be the hub for two exhibitions presented by the 2013 Reportage Festival including Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb’s ‘Violet Isle: Two Visions of Cuba’ and another soon to be announced.

The team at 10×8 have created an amazing space for workshops which will be an  ongoing feature of the Gallery and to inaugurate the space, they have joined forces with Reportage to become the hub for the 2013 Reportage Festival workshops hosting the ‘Finding Your Vision’ Workshop by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb and the 10b Photography workshop with Francesco Zizola and Claudio Palmisano.

The group show will run from April 11 to May 11, 2013.

Public launch April 13, 2013 2pm to 5pm

To attend

10×8 Gallery
Level 5/ 56-60 Foster Street
Surry Hills

Reportage – Sydney Morning Herald scholarship for the Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb Workshop now open for submission

Friday, April 5th, 2013

The Reportage Sydney Morning Herald scholarship opportunity for an emerging documentary photographer to attend the Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb workshop held during the 2013 Reportage Festival is now open, the applicants work will be judged by the Sydney Morning Herald Photo Editor together with Reportage and Festival Director photographer Stephen Dupont.

A fantastic opportunity to attend a masterclass conducted by two of the world’s most prominent documentary photographers. Interested photographers can register via the SMH and begin to upload their stories.

Register Here

Photo © Rebecca Norris Webb, “Review Mirror,” from My Dakota

Take Magazine Issue 3 – Reportage 2013 Festival Special Edition

Monday, April 1st, 2013

The Reportage Team is happy to reveal another of the projects that we have been working on heading into the launch of the 2013 Festival, Reportage has teamed together with TAKE Magazine to produce a special issue Reportage edition.

The issue edited by TAKE’s Andrew Johnstone together with Festival Director Stephen Dupont and Assistant Director Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario includes amazing work from photographers who will be showing their work at Reportage, either in exhibitions or during the Reportage Festival projections…

Artists include: Adam Ferguson, Alex Webb, Antonio Zambardino, Arien Chang Castan, Claire Martin, David Burnett, Ed Giles, Finnbar O’Reilly, Francesco Zizola, Giovanni Cocco, Hannah Rose Robinson, Jack Picone, Leysis Quesada Vera, Raphaela Rosella, Raul Cañibano Ercilla, Rebecca Norris Webb, Simona Ghizzoni, Tamara Dean and Yuri Kozyrev.

TAKE Magazine is a very special publication dedicated to documentary photography and photojournalism published by the guys who produced Empty Magazine and the creators of Semi-Permanent and Design is Kinky based in Sydney, Australia.

With many magazines disappearing into the digital realm, Reportage and all the artists inside show support duly for the Festival and for the survival of printed publications.

The issue can be pre-ordered online but will also be available at Reportage Festival hubs and at Semi-Permanent on during Vivid Sydney; however due to the popularity of the Magazine and the limited number of copies don’t miss out and try and grab an issue beforehand.

Thanks to all the photographers and the crew at TAKE Magazine for making this special issue edition happen.

To pre-order this issue of TAKE Magazine visit the website.

Cover Image by David Burnett from his work ’44 Days:  Iran and the Remaking of the World’

Rebecca Norris Webb

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

After posting an essay on Alex Webb it is fitting to carry the next post over to Rebecca Norris Webb, who shares the same website as her husband, the couple also work together as a team conducting international workshops and projects.

Rebecca Norris Webb is a renowned photographer and poet in her own right.

Since transferring the poetry to the visual image Norris Webb has published two photographic books, The Glass Between us and Violet Isle and A Duet of Photographs from Cuba (A Collaboration with husband Alex Webb)  Her third photographic book due to be released on May 24 in New York at The International Centre of Photography My Dakota  is a mixture of poetry and photography dedicated to the memory of her brother.

Rebecca states that ‘for the last 10 years, I’ve explored the complicated relationship between people and the natural world, and the underlying tensions- social, philosophical, and emotional- as this fragile bond is strained to the breaking point, which, for many of us may well be, to quote the writer Sebald, “where the sources of pain are.”

This statement rings true of her lastest work My Dakota, strongly personal, Rebecca Norris Webb explores the relationship between place, memory, loss and pain through her own emotional reflection due to the loss of a brother… Being strongly personal, at the same time the work dispassionately explores humanity’s relationship between its sense of existence and fleeting permanence…  reflecting that space where quintessential sentiments and questions are inflicted on us due to an explosion of overbearing emotion that weighs on us and places our human sensibility in contrast with the strong objectivity of the world’s terrain.



Her work brings to mind an excerpt from a poem of T. S Eliot; which seems a natural connection (a link of the poetic, written and visual) when absorbing Rebecca Norris Webb’s photography… her images portray a strong connection with that sensibility which creates the poetic and draws it out of life…

The extraction is from a poem called Little Giddy V by T.S Eliot

we shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
and know the place for the first time.
through the unknown, remembered gate
when the last of earth left to discover
is that which was the beginning;
at the source of the longest river
the voice of the hidden waterfall
and the children in the apple tree
not known, because not looked for
but heard, half-heard, in the stillness
between two waves of the sea.
quick now, here, now, always-
a condition of complete simplicity..

(costing not less than everything)…-


The online publication Time Machine in its latest edition published a story about My Dakota and an interesting interview with Rebecca Norris Webb who personally describes the work.

My Dakota will be launched thursday May 24 at The ICP Store from 6- 7:30pm, Rebecca Norris Webb will be signing copies at the event.


Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario


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