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‘Photography in Conflict’ Tickets on sale – June 1, 2013 MCA an Official Part of the 2013 Reportage Program

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Tickets for the 2013 Reportage Festival ‘Photography in Conflict‘ Seminar at the MCA have gone on sale as of yesterday.

This special event will focus on talks and screenings dicussing the changes and evolution of conflict photography specifically from the period of the Vietnam war to contemporary times. Presentations will cover the use of different mediums and the introduction of social media and telephone photography.

Discussions will also focus on the way in which conflict photography is represented in the media and the effect this has had and currently has on the general public.

Reportage will team up with the Human Right’s Art and Film Festival to show a special screening of ‘Saigon ‘68’ (A short film about Eddie Adam’s infamous execution image from the Vietnam war).

Includes talks by photographers Tim Page (one of the most important photographers of the Vietnam War), members of the Degree South Collective David Dare Parker, Jack Picone, Stephen Dupont, Michael Coyne, Ben Bohane (a collective of some of Australia’s most prestigious documentary photographers) and Adam Ferguson from the VII Agency (a young emerging Australian documentary photographer covering present day conflict).

“To suffer is one thing; another thing is living with the photographed images of suffering, which does not necessarily strengthen conscience and the ability to be compassionate. It can also corrupt them. Once one has seen such images, one has started down the road of seeing more – and more. Images transfix. Images anesthetize.”

– Susan SontagOn Photography

10am – 5pm, Saturday 1 June 2013

Veolia Lecture Theatre, MCA Sydney

Tickets: $20

$15 for Reportage/ MCA Members

Book tickets here (Tickets available via MCA website)

Image: Aftermath of the ambush of the 173rd Airborne in the Iron Triangle near Ben Cat (19 dead, 35 wounded in 20 seconds) 1965 ©Tim Page/ Degree South

Take Magazine Issue 3 – Reportage 2013 Festival Special Edition

Monday, April 1st, 2013

The Reportage Team is happy to reveal another of the projects that we have been working on heading into the launch of the 2013 Festival, Reportage has teamed together with TAKE Magazine to produce a special issue Reportage edition.

The issue edited by TAKE’s Andrew Johnstone together with Festival Director Stephen Dupont and Assistant Director Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario includes amazing work from photographers who will be showing their work at Reportage, either in exhibitions or during the Reportage Festival projections…

Artists include: Adam Ferguson, Alex Webb, Antonio Zambardino, Arien Chang Castan, Claire Martin, David Burnett, Ed Giles, Finnbar O’Reilly, Francesco Zizola, Giovanni Cocco, Hannah Rose Robinson, Jack Picone, Leysis Quesada Vera, Raphaela Rosella, Raul Cañibano Ercilla, Rebecca Norris Webb, Simona Ghizzoni, Tamara Dean and Yuri Kozyrev.

TAKE Magazine is a very special publication dedicated to documentary photography and photojournalism published by the guys who produced Empty Magazine and the creators of Semi-Permanent and Design is Kinky based in Sydney, Australia.

With many magazines disappearing into the digital realm, Reportage and all the artists inside show support duly for the Festival and for the survival of printed publications.

The issue can be pre-ordered online but will also be available at Reportage Festival hubs and at Semi-Permanent on during Vivid Sydney; however due to the popularity of the Magazine and the limited number of copies don’t miss out and try and grab an issue beforehand.

Thanks to all the photographers and the crew at TAKE Magazine for making this special issue edition happen.

To pre-order this issue of TAKE Magazine visit the website.

Cover Image by David Burnett from his work ’44 Days:  Iran and the Remaking of the World’