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A world-leading library and centre of digital excellence, the State Library of NSW informs, educates, inspires and surprises online, onsite and on tour. The Library’s rich heritage collections, contemporary print and digital materials, partnership with the public library network and vibrant collaborations enable Australians to interrogate our past and imagine our future. The State Library of NSW is the premier library for the people of NSW. Its peers are the world’s great libraries, those that tell of the development of our societies and the unfolding stories of humanity


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The Australian Centre for Photography (ACP) is a national centre of excellence in the exhibition, education and publication of photography. With four decades of experience, it is the longest running contemporary art space in Australia.

The ACP is a not-for-profit organisation, assisted by the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Since 2004, ACP has been supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.



Contact Press Images is one of the most significant agencies and archives of late-20th-century in existence. Representing the work of two-dozen preeminent photographers, including: 
Founding Members: David Burnett, Frank Fournier, Kenneth Jarecke, Annie Leibovitz, Dilip Mehta, Alon Reininger;
Senior Members: Kristen Ashburn, Alexandra Avakian, Stephen Dupont and Lori Grinker;
Contributors: Juliana Beasley, Sean Hemmerle, James Hill, Edward Keating
Special Contributors: Jane Evelyn Atwood, Martine Barrat, Jonathan Becker, George Butler, Yunghi Kim, Li Zhensheng, Ken Light, Don McCullin, Sebastiaio Salgado and Alfred Wertheimer.
Estates: Gilles Caron and Olivier Rebbot

This exceptional body of work spans the rise of the Berlin Wall to present day, and includes images of the major events, personalities, and social currents of the 20th century through present day.



FujiFilm Australia is a leading force in the distribution of imaging equipment and services to the photographic, medical and graphic systems markets.  


The Mondriaan Fund is a public financed cultural funding organization that focuses on visual arts and cultural heritage. It aims to encourage innovation and excellence in these fields by supporting outstanding artists, cultural heritage and art organizations and projects in the Netherlands, and promoting contemporary art from the Netherlands abroad. The Mondriaan Fund is the result of a merger between the Mondriaan Foundation and the Fonds BKVB.

Paradox is based in Edam (20 kilometres north of Amsterdam). The not for profit organisation develops projects around contemporary issues with documentary authors: photographers, filmmakers, visual artists, writers and researchers. Paradox does not programme its own exhibition space but collaborates with venues in the Netherlands and abroad.
 Monk Colour

A little design studio on Bulwer Street full of creative folk with cameo appearances from their pop-in friends. Monk Media handles Reportage’s web requests and queries.