About Us

Reportage Promo for the 2013 Festival

Born in a Bondi living room in 1999 when a group of friends (Stephen Dupont, Jack Picone, David Dare Parker and Michael Amendolia) took turns showing their latest work, Reportage has grown to become Australia’s leading showcase of national and international documentary photography.

Reportage began as a screening night of photographic projections celebrating and deepening the exposure of documentary photography for Australian photographers. The event conceived and founded in 1999 by Stephen Dupont, Michael Amendolia, Jack Picone and David Dare Parker was opened and shown for the first time at Sydney’s Valhalla Cinema.  Since this time it has grown to become an important festival gaining recognition on the international photography circuit.

Reportage shares rich visual narratives and exchanges new points of view with the community, bringing to the fore and celebrating both the traditional and contemporary edge in documentary photography. It aims to provide a platform engaging the photographic and media industries, professional and amateur photographers alike and the general public in a celebration of photography and the visual narrative; to engage new and emerging audiences to raise awareness and understanding of documentary photography and the issues represented and to deliver unique workshops, training and advice.


The Reportage Creative Team:

The realisation of the festival’s programme is confirmed by the experience and competency of the carefully selected Reportage Creative Team.

Director and Curator: Stephen Dupont

Deputy Director and Curator: Anna Maria Antoinette D’Addario

Projection Editor: Ed Giles



Photo editor Jacqui Vicario directed the festival for around 10 years from 2000 – 2011 with the creative input of the founding photographers and creative team.

Reportage was founded by Michael Amendolia, Jack Picone, Stephen Dupont and David Dare Parker 1999

In the realisation of Reportage Projects in 2014 the team would like to recognise its supporters: The State Library of NSW, Contact Press Images, The Australian Centre for Photography, FujiFilm Australia, Monk Media, Mondriaan Fonds, Paradox all the participating and involved photographers and diverse agencies.