Reportage 2014 – Updates

Many of you may be curious as to what’s happening in 2014 for the Reportage Festival as it’s been some time since we have posted updates, there have been long discussions and serious deliberation about the upcoming activities of Reportage and the Festival in the forthcoming future.

It’s almost exactly a year since the 2013 Reportage Festival kicked off, a year that saw Reportage expand like never before, showcasing and hosting a selection of the very best documentary photographers emerging and established from Australia and abroad; a number of which never before seen on Australian soil.

As many of you will know 2013 also presented challenges for Reportage when the Festival’s alignment with Vivid Sydney brought about undue censorship of renowned documentary narratives produced from some of the most important visual story tellers of our time and the withdrawal of important work by Vivid organisers, specifically the CEO of Destination NSW a tourism body and arm of the NSW State Governement.
The censorship issue led to a final and unexpected exhibition for 2013 ‘Reportage: Censored’ which highlighted and gave a space for public viewing of the imagery pulled from the Reportage Projections on the Vivid Light walk. The exhibition aimed to generate a discussion asking the Australian people what they felt should or should not be  seen in the public domain and within our nationally organised cultural events.

The success of this event and the amount of support shown for the importance of the documentary photography genre in our cultural domain was more than we could have asked for and gave due respect to the works exhibited and the photographers who have dedicated so much to see their stories have a platform.

In 2013 we decided that the Reportage Festival would no longer align itself with the larger Vivid Sydney and that it would remain a stand alone event, as in the past.

This decision ultimately saw a loss of major funding for the Festival but regardless of this, the strength of the support that Reportage gained nationally and internationally was immense.
Unfortunately due to the lack of monetary funding available, the Reportage Team has needed to make the decision to keep the Festival a bi-annual event, ensuring that the funds available will exist to give a wider range of support to the community every two years and create an event that proves to be stronger with the passing of every year. The next major Reportage Festival is set to launch in late 2015!

However… before we lose your attention!
This does not mean that the Festival’s activities will lay dormant in the years between!
To keep Reportage activities strong we have decided to launch Reportage spin-off events in between Festivals, creating strong collaborations with major partner venues to present to NSW and Australia some of the best documentary photography exhibitions yet seen in this country.

We are happy to announce that Reportage will be involved in four major exhibitions in the coming spring at the State Library of NSW and the Australian Centre for Photography.

More details will be released soon but just to get the senses tingling we excitingly announce that in 2014 Reportage will present in co-ordination with the State Library of NSW the acclaimed retrospective exhibition of renowned photographer Don McCullin.

Don McCullin ‘The Impossible Peace: From War Photographs to Landscapes, 1958 -2011’ a Contact Press Touring Exhibition will launch at the State Library from September 26 to October 26, 2014!

Stay tuned for details of the upcoming exhibitions at the Australian Centre for Photography.

Although visitors will need to wait a year for a full program of Reportage Festival events we can promise you some great shows in between and given an extra year hold your breath for what is in store in 2015.

Enjoy the Winter folks and keep posted for more information for what’s happening in the Spring and thank you all for your continued support for Reportage, the Festival, the highlighted photographers and above all for the important stories waiting to be seen.

See you in the Spring…

– The Reportage Team