Francesco Zizola

The Reportage Team would like to officially announce NOOR (Amsterdam) photographer and co-founder Francesco Zizola, also co-founder of the documentary world’s most prestigious digital darkroom 10B Photography (Rome) as another important guest for the 2013 Reportage Festival.

Francesco together with 10B photography co-founder and digital imaging expert Claudio Palmisano will be attending the 2013 event, holding talks and seminars as well as the second announced and official workshop of the Festival the 10B Photography advanced Photoshop development and photo documentary practice  masterclass.


‘Every six hours a child dies on the streets of Brazil. The “menino de rua” (child of the street) is the symbol of Brazil’s degradation. There are around 12 million street children in Brazil. These children are reflections of “civil society’s” cruelty to its most fragile members… 
Most of the children portrayed in this reportage are handy with a revolver, gaining practice in run-ins with the police or death squads. In short, they learned that life is a daily game in which their own existence is at stake.
 The photographs in this selection were taken in Brazil by Francesco Zizola from 1992 -1994.’


– ‘All images remain copyright of the photographer and may not be used or reproduced in any way’


Francesco Zizola (Rome, 1962) has photographed some of the world’s major conflicts and their hidden crises. His book “Born Somewhere” was the result of a 13-year project; covering the situation of children in 28 different countries around the world.

Zizola has been awarded many international industry rewards; including the World Press Photo of the Year 1996, documenting the tragedy of land mines in Angola, together with nine other awards in the World Press Photo contests, and four Picture of the Year Awards.

He has published five books, including Iraq (published with Amnesty International, 2007), which documents the beginning of Iraq II, Etats d’enfance and Born Somewhere (Fusiorari); an extensive piece of work on the living conditions of children from 28 different countries.

Since its establishment in 2007, as both a photo agency and foundation, the international roster of NOOR’s accomplished and award-winning member photographers have documented civil and political unrest, environmental issues, war, famine, and natural disasters throughout the globe. It is an abiding commitment to the fundamental power of photography to bear witness to the struggle for human rights and social justice that form the principles of NOOR.

NOOR – an Arabic word meaning light – seeks to contribute to a growing understanding of the world by producing independent visual reports that stimulate positive social change and impact views on issues of global concern.


NOOR, headquartered in Amsterdam, is made up of ten photographers from seven different countries: Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Stanley Greene and Jon Lowenstein (USA), Bénédicte Kurzen (France), Yuri Kozyrev (Russia), Francesco Zizola, (Italy), Pep Bonet (Spain), Alixandra Fazzina (UK) and Kadir van Lohuizen (the Netherlands). The NOOR photographers produce in-depth photo-essays and pursue longer-term projects. They believe that some things simply need to be seen, and unite their individual visions to facilitate this.


Besides individual photographic projects, collective projects are at the core of NOOR.

In its business and operational model, NOOR is in essence owned and directed by the member photographers. The members are in NOOR together to direct their professional lives towards achieving their vision by effectively pooling their resources.

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